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Field and Aerial Robotics Laboratory

Current Projects

Flying in the atmosphere of Venus

Venus with a trajectory

Funded by NASA, this collaborative project will create a motion planner for exploring aerobots in th atmosphere of Venus. This motion planner will be integrated with a cooperative localization system, being developed by our partner lab. 

FARO Participants:  Bernardo Martinez, Anna Juan, Guilherme Pereira.

Stone Mine Project

Stone Mine Drone

Funded by the Alpha Foundation for the Improvement of Mine Safety and Health, this collaborative project is intended to design and implement a complex and fully operational ground-aerial robotic system for stone mining inspection. The system is comprised of a rover (ground robot), and a tethered-drone (aerial robot), both working together to accomplish the assigned mission.

FARO Participants: Rogerio Lima, Bernardo Martinez, Vinicius Ferreira, Guilherme Pereira.

Forestry Drones: Flight Under Trees Canopies

Collision Resilient Drone

Funded by the Statler PhD Fellowship, this project aims to develop autonomic capabilities for the flight of a drone under trees canopies without previous knowledge of the environment.

FARO Participants: Bernardo Martinez, Guilherme Pereira.